9 de junio de 2012

Chelsea Houska & Aubree

Chelsea Houska is now an almost 21 years old girl from Vermillion, South Dakota. She got pregnant from her ex-boyfriend (Adam Lind) when she was 17 and on 7 September 2009 she gave birth to her daughter Aubree Skye Houska.

Chelsea had a difficult pregnancy near her boyfriend that took care of her just a little bit. The first day of high school she got into labour and she gave birth her daughter 5 weks before the date she was said.
You would ask, why Aubree has her mom's surname. That's because Adam asked Chelsea to not put his surname to his daughter beacause she didn't matter him so much. He said to Chelsea that Aubree had been a big mistake and that she had to forget him as he didn't love her anymore. Owing to this, he gained the hate of Chelsea's dad.

Months later he sent a message to Chelsea saying that he mis her girls and if he could come to see them. Chelsea accepted and they talked about everything that had happened. They solved everything and althogu they began again their relationship, it didn't last so much because Adam didn't care about anything. 
When Aubree was almost a year old, Chelsea moved to an apartment with her bestfriend Megan. Time later, Adam came to Chelsea's life again and he moved to the apartment again. The owner of the apartment was Chelsea's dad so he didn't wanted Adam in it if he didn't pay anything. The relationship went well for months but Adam broke with her again after taking care of her from a knee surgery recovering. He left his car in the house and he came some days to see Aubree or to take her and retuned to Chelsea the next day. 

The relationship between both returned and broke up again for 10000 times. She didn't understand why she can love him so much and he cannot love her as well as she did.

How's the situation nowadays?

  • Chelsea and Adam have no realtionship and she has the custody of Aubree
  • Adam has been on jail because of drugs
  • He sometimes see his daugther and Aubree is a little bit more important for him
  • Chelsea is working as a hairdresser 
  • Chelsea's best friend has a little boy
  • And Aubree, logically, keeps growing and now is almost 3 years. She's the most funny girl in the show and very very cuttie as well as his mom. 

Leah Messer & Aleeah & Aliannah

Leah Messer is now a 20 years old girl from Elkview, West Virginia. She got pregnant of her twin girls from her ex-husband (Corey Simms) when she was 16 and on 19 December 2009 with 17 years old, she gave birth to Aleeah Grace Simms and Aliannah Hope Simms. Leah got pregnant of Corey when they had only a month of relationship. The relationship began (from part of Leah) to envy her ex-boyfriend with whom she had been 2 years and a half together. 

Both get shocked with pregnancy of twins and due to this, they wanted to make their relationship work out. When they moved to live together they began to argue and she began to think if it would worth it to save the relationship. 
After the birth of the twins things between Leah and Coret got worst because when she came back to school she got in touch with her ex-boyfriend again. Eventually she decided to break up with him because all of her doubts. Later she tryed to began a relationship with her ex-boyfriend that didn't go well when he met the twins. Months later she returned with Corey and after months of being leaving together and having good times together as a family, he ask her to get married with him. Although, she has fear of it (normal at her age) she accepted and when the twins where almost one, their parents got married (See the photo! They seem very happy!!).
Everything had to go well between them because at the same time they discovered that Aliannah has a growing disease and probably she wouldn't be able to walk in a future.
Things kept going well until Corey preferred to spent the money for Aliannah's treatment on another big truck (having one at that moment). That was somenthing Leah didn't tolerate and after having different problems with money she asked him the divorce.

Almost half of a year later, both met new couples that got on very well with the little girls. 

How's the situation nowadays?

  • Leah and Corey, after having problems with custody, are getting on well
  • Leah is married again with the boy who met after the divorce, Jeremy (April 2012)
  • Both have good jobs 
  • Aliannah is begining to walk with aid and evolving very well in her growing process
  • The twins are like best friends, they love each other.
  • The twings, logically keep growing so fast, they are now 2 years and a half and they are very cheerful girls.

8 de junio de 2012

Farrah Abrahams & Sophia

Farrah Abrahams is now a 21 years old from Council Bluffs, Iowa. She got pregnant from her boyfriend (Derek Underwood) when she was 17 and on 23 February 2009 she gave birth to her daughter Sophia Laurent Abrahams.

Farrah used to be cheerleading in the high school when she discovered that she was pregnant. Initially she confessed the pregnancy to her best friends but anything to her boyfriend. She decided to change school for online classes because people laught at her because of the rumor of pregnancy. When the rumor arrived to the hears of Derek,  he asked her about it and Farrah said him that it was only a rumor. Pregnancy is something not easy to hide so  finally Derek discovers it but a few days later he dies in a car accident two months before Sophia's birth. Derek's death affected her so much.

Farrah had so many people with her mom so she asked help to her older sister but later she needed to solve her relationship with her mom. Farrah needed somebody to help her with Sophia so she went living with her mom  but months later both get into a big fight where her mom hurt her. The consequence of this meant a lot of days in court. Farrah bought a house for her an Sophia.

Derek's family didn't really like Farrah but two years later of Derek's death they wanted to offer help to Farrah and support her with Sophia. She accepted but didn't really wanted a closed relationship with them.

In this times, she wanted to gain some money for her daughter and to pay her future studies so she made come true her dream of modeling. Then Farrah graduated from school and two years later from a cookery degree. She wanted to keep studing cuisine so she thought to move to Florida but that wasn't the best decision for her daughter Sophia so finally she decided to move but she left Sophia with her parents for a few period of time until Farrah got used to Florida.

How's the situation nowadays?

  • Farrah sells online a own made sauce 
  • Due to the pregnancy she has lost all her old friends
  • She has dated different guys since the tragic death of her babby's dad but now she's only dedicated to Sophia.
  • She's doing very well as a single mom. They live together in Florida.
  • Her relationship with her mom has improved and Sophia loves her grandparents.
  • And Sophia, logically, keeps growing and now is 3 years. She's a very cutty little girl that always goes to fashion.

Maci Bookout & Bentley

Maci Bookout is now an almost 21 years old girl from Chattanooga, Tennessee. She got pregnant from her ex-boyfriend (Ryan Edwards) when she was 17 and on 28 October 2008 she gave birth to her son Bentley Cadence Edwards.

Maci is described as a tipical teen, very athletic (she loves the world of trial) and very successful in school but all this changed when Bentley came to the world. 
Maci and Ryan get engaged when Bentley was a few months old but months after, her relationship with him worsened because she was that taking care of the baby on her own. She was dealing with motherhood, online school and work while Ryan preferred to go out with friends at night insted of helping with his son.

Eventually they broke up their relationship (Bentley was 1) but thinking about their son they wanted to get on well. However, they didn't succeeded in this and they finished on court to discuss about the shared custody of Benny. Luckily, Ryan matured and discovered that his son was his life so, he began to be the good dad that he hadn't been before and he rethought his life. 

Maci began a relationship with an old friend, Kyle with whom Ryan didn't get on very well initially. She moved with Kyle to Nashville separating Ryan and Bentley for two hours by car and that was something he would not tolerate so she was forced to come back to Chattanooga. At this time Maci was thinking about withdrawing school because of all the preasure she was dealing with. She was having so many problems with Ryan and the custody of Bentley (2 years old) a kid that was growing up so fast and like all the children with his age he can't stop running. 

How's the situation nowadays?

  • Maci and Kyle are not together since the begginig of this year
  • Ryan has a relationship with a beautiful girl called Dalis
  • Maci and Ryan have a good relationship although they keep having the shared custody 
  • Both have good jobs and they are bringing up Bentley in a very good way
  • And Bentley, logically, keeps growing and now is 3 years and a half. He's a very funny and energetic boy that loves, like his parents,  the world of trial.